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Two of the things that leaves me confused here are...

One of the things that leaves me confused here is what guys do with their tee-shirts. If it's a hot day, they'll lift their tee-shirt up and hold the material under their armpits so that the area between their nipples and their navel is exposed to the air. I know they do it keep cool, but if that's the case why not just take their tops off completely?

It's a widely done thing here apparently. People from other provinces have top me that the locals from there have been known to do it to, but it still strikes me as a lot of effort if you ask me (which you didn't, but there you go).

The other thing that confuses starts from that KFC seems to have the "American franchised fast food market" sewn up here. Wherever you go in the cities, the first fast food joint you'll meet is KFC. This leads me onto the other thing that confuses me.The staff at one of the local KFCs here seem to run a little dancing session for the kids every evening at about 7pm. the kids are maybe 2/3/4 years old and she stands outside her store doing physical jerks with them. I'm not too sure why, and it seems a strange question to ask people to be honest.

On an unrelated note, here are some simple words I've picked up:

ne-how = hello

shwee shwee = thanks

lurn = cold/icy cold

luer = hot

jai jian = good bye.

They might not be spelled correctly (if fact I know they aren't), but I don't think you need accurate spellings to speak the language correctly.
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