jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I'm not sure about Chinese Art Galleries.

I'm not sure about Chinese Art Galleries. I'm a friend of the Royal Academy and a member of the Tate Museum group because I find it relaxing there. I don't "get" art necessarily, but I still enjoy looking at it.

Before I came here, I always assumed that Art Galleries-cum-Museums would show old and modern Chinese Art, and some Western Art. Having been to Hong Kong and Ningbo, I can say they don't. I don't know if that's because they have so much art because of their history, or if it's because they're scared of modern art or what, but I swear that if I see another Chinese calligraphy exhibition, I think I'm going to scream. Trust me when I say that it's something I don't get. It's writing for God's sake.
Tags: art, art galleries, china, life

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