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I finished "White Witch, Black Curse" today.

"White Witch, Black Curse," which is the 7th in the series, is a return to form by Kim Harrison. It, like all the other books, focuses of Rachel Morgan (a headstrong witch with a smart mouth), Ivy Tamwood (a more calculating vampire) and Jenks (a pixie).

Towards the end of book six, Rachel's boyfriend dies, and her memory of the event id wiped clean (so that she doesn't go after the guy without a plan). The result is that she's know idea who killed her love interest. In response, she spends most of the book trying to work out who might do such a thing (and why). At the same time, she's asked by the police to help investigate a Banshee (who can kill you by removing your emotions) who they suspect of attempting to kill a copper.

The book is a better read than the authors' 2 previous outings with Morgan. There are a couple of reasons for this. First there's more story to the book (rather than talk and love interest), which is always a good thing. Second there's less love interest. Don't get me wrong, I understand that women can get as turned on by the physical as guys, but I don't think that many guys like to read about another guy's glistening pecs or pert butt if I'm honest (I'm a bit ho hum about girls being described similarly too before anyone says anything). It's part of the reason I walked away from the series a while

Incidentally, I wouldn't necessarily recommend starting here in the series. If you think the story sounds interesting, I'd start with book 1.
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