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Why are some people plane lazy?

Why are some people plane lazy? I ask because I've had to work 6 days a week for the last 6 weeks. I've had to do this because they're gutting the labs where I work, and the only school that has available labs is the middle school that feeds into the high school I work at.

You might assume that the schools are close, but they aren't. It's a good 30 minute drive between the 2. The result is that I've been told I've to do practicals at weekend. This is fine, because I'm teaching Chemistry, so I have to do practicals.

The technicians there are the laziest bunch of guys I've ever met. Now I know it sucks that we're working at weekends, but they've got to be done, so quit bitching about it and suck it the duck up. The technicians don't take that view. He moans all the time.

One week the technician said we couldn't do a titration because "we don't have the right sort of burette." When I asked what the problem with the burettes were, I said we could switch the chemicals round, so we could do the titration the other way round. He wasn't happy.

Another week we discovered that he can't make a solution for shoot when we do reaction. We were trying to discover stoichiometric amounts, and of the 6 solutions he made, 4 were wrong.

A third week I had to tell him to leave the classroom when he started shouting at a student off about keeping his desk tidy. The student was mid way through a practical, of course his desk will be untidy. Has his desk ever been untidy when they left?

Fourthly, I'm confused about him. I'm not doing rocket science here. Even if you're not sure what I'm doing in a practical, have a look at the list. If I'm using a burette, I'm going to need enough chemical to fill the damn burette. Who the hell gives someone a 50ml burette and and 20ml of liquid (especially if I've actually bloody asked for 2 litres of the damn stuff). Use your common sense guys.

Finally, I don't know if you know how the Chinese speak, but it often sounds like they're shouting at each other. I don't mind them speaking to each other in the back of the lab on one occasion (or in the prep-room), but when I have to shout over them, it should be a hint that they're speaking too loud. The second time they did it I asked them to be quiet, they gave me the filthiest look, as if I'd been the person in the wrong.

It's driving me mad. It's the damn kids we're focusing on guys. Why the hell are you in a service injury if you aren't into thinking that way?
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