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In the Highest Of High Dudgeons

Words cannot describe how intensely furious I am at the moment. I've been angry for a week, and I've a feeling I'm going to be angry a damn site longer too.

When you do Chemistry exams you have to do a practical exam. There is one set for Thursday this week for those students who didn't do well last year, and want a second go. I wanted to speak to our liaison officer on the 13th of October, because I thought 10 days should be long enough to order the chemicals we need for the practical. Had I know quite how incompetent our technicians were, I'd have gone earlier, but I didn't know till the 11th, so I tried to speak to him Monday.

Monday comes, no sign of the guy. None at all. Not a toot. I was told he'd be back Tuesday. Still no sign. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all roll by with no sign. Finally he gets back Friday. Maybe I should have e-mailed the guy, but I felt that him trying to organise stuff for a practical down the phone from where ever he was might be difficult, and I didn't want requisition lists for "safe, locked, exam standard practicals which are supposed to be kept under lock and key" to be floating about the internet.

To make matters worse, I don't think he understood the seriousness of what I gave him Friday. His office is always full of students coming and going, and I found some of information that I'd told him needed to be locked away "for security reasons" sitting on his desk, requiring me (a junior teacher) to tell him he needed to lock the equipment away from prying eyes.

So all in all, I have a feeling that this is going to be a screw up, and who are they going to blame, Johnny Foreigner or the deputy director of the programme if it all goes horribly wrong?
Tags: a different way of thinking, life, school, teaching

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