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Do you ever just want to throttle someone?

It's not often I want to give someone a piece of my mind. Seriously. I mean back at my old school I had a couple of groups that drove me nuts sometimes, but in the main I didn't have a problem with the people I work with or with the general day to day shoot you face.

I mean there were times that I irritated the shoot out of people, and there were times that they irritated it out of me, but with the exception of how I ended up coming to leave the place, I honestly don't think I bare any grudges. Incidentally, if there's anyone reading this who knows the 2 people that I initially blamed for my departure, I'm not dumb enough to believe that I didn't help my cause, and that at least one senior scientist had a hand in it too.

Anyhow, I said all that to say this. I'm getting increasingly pissed with the organisation of stuff here. I tended to go with the flow where I was before because I agreed with what they were doing, but here I just want to scream.

I doubt that I'll ever be anything but an ok science teacher, but organisationally I'm not bad. Some people might disagree, but trust me I'm organised enough to get along, and expect other people to be organised too.

As an example, we've got a decent scientist in my A2 group. Not stellar but has potential to good as an engineer. What college have they got him applying for? A fricking liberal arts college in America.

I'm sorry but that has to be the dumbest idea in the dumbest town in Dumbland. I mean it's like applying to a teaching hospital and asking to study English or Biochemistry at RADA or Drama Studies at Imperial. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. I mean Liberal Art Colleges are brilliant at English, and Creative Writing, and Philosophy and that artsy crud, but Engineering, how dumb is that?

For his final year, they have to send him to another university 500miles away. So once this kid from a foreign country gets settled where he is, what are the counselors suggesting? Why get up and move, that's bloody what!

In addition, the course has some potential. It could be interesting. But he has to convince the people he's applied to that he has an understanding of the quirkiness of the course he'll be on. What do I get when I come to read his letter of application? Four bloody pages of him whit watting about the weather there, the fact that he thinks he'll be the "big man on campus" because he's foreign, and how clever the name of the damn city for God's sake.

I didn't find out anything about the course till I googled it. I mean for God's sack. This essay has been checked by the guidance counselors. How did they not pick this up?
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