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There are a couple of things here that are starting to creep me out.

There are a couple of things here that are starting to creep me out, and I don't know what to make of it, if I'm honest with you.

First there's a lot of latent homosexuality at the school (and around Zhenhai in general). Here are a few examples:

1) Two of my (18 year old male) students looked like they were giving each other hand jobs, in class. Their forearms looked tense and their hands were in each others crotches. This has happened with girls too, but it's less overtly homosexual with them I think.

2) I've gone in to set up in a number of classes, and one boy was lying across 2 or 3 seat with his head in another boys lap. He looked as content as content could be as he was fed satsuma segments by the lad whose lap he was in.

3) I was doing a competition in one class where pairs of students had to work out the solution to a problem before passing a challenge onto another pair from their team. As one pair stood there, one of the boys started to rub another boys butt as they tried to solve the problem I'd given them. It wasn't a friendly pat on the butt. It was a prolonged rub-rub-pat-rub-rub-squeeze.

4) Boys have a tendency to hold hands and lock arms here in much the same way that 12 year old girls do when they're going through the "bff" phase in England.

5) Boys will quite willingly let another boy put their arms round their waist and their head on their shoulders.

Now I have absolutely no gaydar. I once rented a room to a lesbian colleague of my wife's, without realising she way gay for about 3 months after she moved in and her girlfriend started sleeping over. So for me to notice these things it has to be really obvious.

Turning now to the girls/women:

1) Girls still have a "Miffy" phase that seems to stay with them well beyond the age of about 10. I'm getting to the stage where I want to smack someone when I see a woman in what looks like some damn stupid "cutesy cuddly toy store" will a back pack that looks like a faux lamb. Trust me when I say it is starting to have the same effect on me as male ponytails have on Armstrong and Miller.

2) I think I've found something that really really creeps me out. There's a "manga cartoon catholic girl school" look that some girls here go for here. You have no idea how much I don't get that. If I ever get sent to a 1984 style Room 101, O'Brien would use looks like that to freak me into line .

Don't get me wrong, I get I'm the fish out of water, but it's still creepy.
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