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I finished "Lost Souls" by Lisa Jackson.

I seem to be hitting a run of bad books at the moment. This is another one.

The daughter of a famous cop returns to college to finish her degree after being involved a murder mystery in the book before. While there she discovered that 4 college students have disappeared. Only she believed that something more serious had happened, so she sets off to investigate.

It's not a very good book because there's no tension. I simply couldn't get scared, interested, or even slightly concerned about what was happening. I learned later that it's described as a "romantic suspense thriller." This doesn't surprise me, but the love story that makes up a part of the book doesn't work either. The love scenes read as if it were a cheap Mills and Boons knock off (lovers names include Anastasia, Lucretia and Dr Grotto, which is the sort of name I imagine Mills and Boons characters might have).

In short, I wouldn't read this book again, unless I was offered a lot (and I mean a lot) of money.
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