jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I wonder what people think of me Sometimes

I sometimes wonder what people here think of me. It's funny. Since I got here, the only foreigners I've seen in the town have been at the school I work at. This isn't surprising I don't think given that there are only 25 to 30 thousand people living here.

To be honest I think that the town is very ethnically homogeneous within the Chinese too. There are few people here who look very different from the norm here. If you can imagine the typical short Chinese resident, you've got Zhenhai.

Anyway I said all that to say this. The number of times I've seem someone just stop and look at me as if they're thinking "Oh farq me a foreigner, what he doing here?" is remarkable. The person who does this is typically 55+ (or under 3) and they litterally just stop and stare. As I walk past they say the word "foreigner" if they know it.

I just smile, but given all that's happened their lives, I have to wonder what they really think as I meet them.
Tags: china, life

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