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I don't think I've been so angry in my life.

At the school I work at, the students are supposed to do "eye exercises" twice a day for 5 minutes. I have no idea what the hell they're doing. There's some Chinese woman who comes over the intercom and sings to them for the period while they rub their cheeks. I know, I don't get it either. All the teachers from England I know think it's dumb, and don't take it seriously.

Well I was teaching some A2 students today, and 5 minutes before the lesson started the eye-exercise music started up. To be honest I wasn't paying much attention to the kids. I think they know I don't take it seriously, but if they sit quietly and talk while I'm setting up, I won't be on their case.

Anyhow, there I was at the front, when their form tutor walked past. He saw that one lad wasn't doing the exercises. So what does he do? Does he talk the kid outside and tell him to do the bloody things? Ummm, no. Does he reprimand the kid in class? Umm, don't thinks so. I swear (and I'll never forget this as long as I live) he yanks the kids folder off him (which resulted in the kid pulling back on it), throws every scrap of paper on the floor and whacks the kid hard, not once but twice, across the top of his head before getting in him face and literally yelling at him.

Not satisfied with this, the kid in the row in front is naturally watching this happen (having a teacher freak out is naturally a spectator sport) and the teacher responds by dishing out 2 more whacks to the second kid before getting in his face too.

Now I've never seen this before. I was shocked at first. I've never seen a kid being hit by a teacher, so my initial response was for me to stand there and try to get my brain to compute what was happening. At that point my brain kicked in and I raised my voice. Now he speaks no English so I don't know if he didn't hear me, didn't understand, or was too focused on battering kids to listen, but it was all over by then and he was off down the corridor.

When I reported what I'd seen to a couple of the Chinese bods here and the liaison officer (he acts as the English teacher's link to the school), the only response I got was "Well the boy wasn't doing his eye exercises" from the liaison officer and "Did the guy from [our employer] see it?" from the the other guy (we're being observed by our head office at the moment). Neither of which is the point I don't think.

I don't know who I'm angrier at, the "smacking teacher" or the distinct lack of response by those in charge.
Tags: a different way of thinking, china, life, school

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