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Why Are Some People Just Flat Out Arses?

Where I'm working at the moment, they give you an initial 2 year contract followed by continued 1 year contracts after that. Now the school I'm working at is 3 years old and there's been a high degree of staff turnover, which means that of the 14 members of staff, 11 are set to have their contract renewed this year if they're deemed acceptable by the firm.

So far as I can tell, they've kept everyone. To be honest I'm surprised by some (if one teacher's observations are half as bad as he claims you have to wonder what you have to do to be removed), but they've kept everyone so good luck to them.

In the Business/Economics department there's no love lost between 2 of the teachers. To be honest I don't think there's any love lost between any of the teachers, but these 2 in particular don't much like each other. Quite frankly it doesn't bother me. Like each other, don't like each other I don't care. It's down to you, but be professional.

They were discussing their new contract, both saying they'd been kept. One said well done to the other. The second just blanked the first. I don't mean to be rude, but could he be any more of an arse if he tried? Be professional guys. You might not like each other, but you've got to work with each other for another 12 months, so try and fake it ok?

I shouldn't be too surprised the guy couldn't bring himself to fake it though. Some people joke he's so lacking in the ability to relate to people that he's autistic. Others joke that he can't bring himself to talk to people that he thinks he's better than. I had the temerity to tell him he was wrong about something and he's still leaving stuff on my desk that he thinks proves otherwise. He's even taken to deliberately "ignoring me in the corridors" and once "accidentally" bumped into me in the corridor. So in short he's an arse, but why?
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