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I went to see "The Rite."

I went to see the Anthony Hopkins film "The Rite" and good grief if that wasn't a really really dumb film. In the film a young man enters one of the family businesses (the Catholic priesthood -the other being the funeral service). He joins not because he's religious but to escape his oppressive father (Donald Sutherland).

Anyway, while at the seminary, he gets identified (by Toby Jones) as a potential exorcist, and is sent off to Rome to be trained. That's the first thing that has to be dumb. Here's a kid who's fresh out of college and you're sending him to do battle with the Devil? I mean c'mon.

There one of the teachers is Anthony Hopkins. After attending an exorcism in which the congregant dies, it looks like Hopkins might be possessed. The question is, can the get the demon out before it takes over?

The answer is you won't care. You'll sit there waiting for something to happen, and it doesn't. The only thing that you'll wonder is why you paid $7.50 for the ticket.
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