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I went to see "127 Hours"

I went to see "127 Hours." It stars James Franco (the son of Willem Dafoe in the Spiderman movies) as Aron Rolston, the guy who spent 127 hours trapped in a crevass after his arm got pinned by a rock. He was freed when he cut his own right forearm off (we see a couple of snap shots of this, but nothing too serious).

The film starts with Rolston having fun with a couple of girls he meets (one played briefly by Amber Tanblyn) while hiking. They separate only for Rolston to get trapped later on. Once he's trapped, he reviews his life, realising he's been a bit of a schmuck, and vows to be a better person should he get free. It ends with Rolston being winched to saftey.

I kind of sort of liked the film. It was a lot better than Sanctum, which I saw yesterday, but I know a little about the story, and would have liked to see a bit of his recovery included in the film. I'm sure it wasn't a bed of roses and would have liked that story to be told.
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