jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

CCTV and Libya.

CCTV is the Chinese equivalent of the BBC, except that it seems to run many more channels than the Beeb. It's rather strange. I obviously don't understand what's on most of the channels, but neither, it seems, do many members of the audience, as they seem to regularly subtitle (in Chinese) what's being said. Whether that's because I just happened to pick up a Japanese or Korean show I don't know, but I suspect I haven't. I catch too many subtitled shows for that.

Anyhow, that's not why I'm writing. One of the things I find interesting is how they're spinning the Libyan thing, and NATO's attempt at a no fly zone. Whenever they report it, they invariably note that "the West used to have the vast majority of oil contracts with Libya, but since 2005, that has slipped to less than 40% of all contracts."

I know the West spin their news too, but I still find it amusing when I see someone else do it so blatantly.
Tags: a different way of thinking, china, life, news, politics, spin, television

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