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CCTV News and the Weather

In England, we have regional television channels. There's one for London, another for the North West, a couple for Scotland, and a couple for Wales for example. America goes one step further, with most major cities having a few of their own channels.

China goes to the other extreme, with their foreign television at least (and it only really hit me last week). They were showing the weather and they had this Scottish weather girl. There was no regionality in her report, oh no. She reported on the whole damn country as if we could drive to pick up the early summer rays in Hong Kong or go to throw snowballs north of Beijing if we wanted to.

We couldn't. It's a 12-15 hour drive in either direction.

Here's a tip for the Chinese government. Regionalisation doesn't mean loss of control. Try to personalise the news for the people in the area. I don't necessarily want to know about Mrs. Miggin's frickin cat getting caught up a tree, but it'd be interesting to know what's going on locally, and we just don't get that here.
Tags: china, life, television

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