jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I finished "Skin Privilege" by Karen Slaughter today.

In this book, Lena Adams, a junior detective in the Grant County Police Force (the book's set in Georgia), travels home to deal with some business with her uncle. Once there she gets involved investigating a drug dealing ring. This necessitates her boss (and his coroner wife) to come down and save her when she gets in too deep.

It's an interesting read, but as we read about the "underbelly of redneck America," I found it a really depressing read. I know that America isn't the land of wine and honey, but the grinding rural poverty described here isn't fun to read about (and something not often described in books).

If there was one draw back of the book, I'd say it was down to me. This isn't the first book in the series, and it shows. The sheriff's wife (the coroner) is dealing with issues that arose in the previous book, so I'm not sure that this book is the best place to start in the series.

One other thing, this is the same book as "Beyond Reach," so don't buy both.
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