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Chinese builders are kind of slapdash

One of the things that has struck me recently about the Chinese is how slapdash their approach to building is. They're rebuilding the pavement outside our school here, and I can see a number of problems with it.

First there wasn't anything wrong with the first pavement. Admittedly the tiles (I won't call them paving stones) looked a bit like the "inside of a swimming baths," but beyond that I couldn't see the problem. This is the third time they've laid these paving stones in a year. No one seems clear what this'll do that the others haven't achieved.

Second, the paving stones they've laid aren't any better than the ones they've pulled up. If that's the case, why lay them in the first place?

Third, they've got a number of these trees lining the roads here. To get the paving stones flatter (they weren't rounded before), they dug the trees up and cut off the offending roots. Instead of re-burying them properly, they've left half the root system above round, making the base of the tree unsightly and damaging it surely, but do the builders care? It seems not.

A lot of Chinese building seems to take that attitude. Everything seems to get done in a rush to be finished, only to be redone 3 or 4 more times because the previous attempts were cruddy.
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