jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I'm angry as hell and not sure I want to take it any more!

Do you ever just want to scream? I mean really, don't you ever just find yourself wanting to yell "What... what... what... just run that the duck past me again."

I've been complaining that we haven't got enough top plan balances (electronic scales) all year. I've been asking about them all year, and was told "Nope we've only got those 2." This included during the 2 "mock exams" we ran to prepare the kids for the "real exams" next month.

Anyhow, today I finally pitched a fit to our Principal, who played a game of "Complaint Chinese Whispers" to this person and that to get the blances. 45 minutes later, the equipment mysteriously appeared.

I mean, what the duck? I've complained to everyone all fricking year about the damn balances, and now this. What the duck's all that about?
Tags: angry, china, life

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