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Oooh Tibet

One of the things that makes me laugh recently is the way the Chinese press is handling Tibet. It's 60 years since the Government signed "Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" with the Tibetan government (described as the Tibetan Local Government here) and there have been several tv shows about their experiences over that time.

One of the initially most startling figures the government comes up with is the fact that under Chinese direct rule, life expectancy has doubled. This seems remarkable till you remember that from the 1920s till the 1950s, there was a civil war going on and that that's hardly conducive to health. Who knows what would have happened if the they had just let Tibet be after the civil war ended.

The other argument that the Chinese come up with is a little along the lines of the "Life of Brian." They want to know "What did the Dalai Lama ever do for Tibet?" Well other than bringing some semblance of democracy to Tibet, it's a bit hard to tell given that there was this bloody great civil war going on nearby. Who knows what would have happened had he been allowed to stay in charge.

The final thing I'd like to wonder aloud is why they needed to sign the "Measures" if they were already a part of China, as the party claims. Now in a way I agree with them, but I still rather suspect that they were signed down the barrel of a very long Chinese gun.
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