jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I finished The Summer that Never Was by Peter Robinson today

The Summer that Never Was, by Peter Robinson, sees Yorkshire policeman DCI Alan Banks (Robinson's main character) discover that the bones of an old schoolboy chum have been discovered near his old home town. At the same time a local kid (and son of a rock icon) disappears in his new "patch" so Banks (along with his subordinate DI Annie Cabbot) helps bring both investigations to a conclusion.

This book, which occurred earlier in the "Banks and Cabbot" series, is better than his 2 most recent books (both of which were hard to believe). It's an easy read, and will keep you interested while you read it.

I'm not altogether sure, however, that the series is improving with age. The best written of his books (that I've read), were the two books near the start of the series. This is sort of middling, while the 2 newest books are less effective. Consequently, I'd recommend that people start at the beginning of the series and take it from there.
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