jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

On the subject of not mucking in...

I've been venting recently about the fact that China has the most obvious "jobsworths" I've ever seen. I honestly believe that society here seems to be run on the principal that "It's not my job." If they think someone else will do it (or even if they think that someone should do it for whatever dumb-ass reason they select), they will let someone do it.

On that subject, I heard another "good excuse" for not doing something that they really ought to do if they're going to show willing. Apparently someone wasn't able to was or tidy up "drop bottles" (small science containers) because "picking things up will put my back out."

For all China's belief in themselves as a "moralistic society where people look out for each other," I can tell you here and now that's a crock. It might be a fear society where they do stuff for fear of being punished, but do I ever see people stepping up to volunteer? No.

It's put me off socialism for ever.

I saw a commentator once ask "When have you ever seen the Chinese [Government] take the hard option [and deny the state that would be economically beneficial to the state]?" With only a slight modification, that applies to all Chinese I think.
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