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One of the things that irritates me about China is the internet

One of the things that irritates me about China is the internet. Now I knew that some sites were inaccessible before I came here, but as I really don't use social media that often, or that well, and wasn't planning world revolution, I didn't think it'd bother me.

The thing that does irritate me is the randomness of it. Ok, so I get that the regime has certain views on things, and I heard through random searches that there are marches in Inner Mongolia, but I have no idea if my access to websites I use has been diminished because of that or for some other reason.

When the Chinese lawyer won the prize a while ago, they shut all foreign news sources off for a few days (which I can understand -I might do it if I were them), but the result is that whenever I can't access a news or information site, my first responses is to try and find out what's happening, which is counter-productive for the Chinese government surely.

The other thing that irritates me is that the kids I teach can pretty much get onto any website they like with impunity. Now I really don't want to get on most of these sites, but you have to wonder if "good kids from good homes" can readily get on the web, are they really stopping the "baddies?"
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