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Chinese Democracy

I was watching the English chanel on CCTV recently. For the uninitiated CCTV is the Chinese equivalent of the BBC (with the exception that I don't think they ask the "powers that be" really tough questions).

Anyway, there's a tv show called "Dialogue" on CCTV News. You might think that it's a challenging programme that animatedly discusses interesting issues. It discusses them, but are they animated? Not so much. It's interesting though, because it tells you what the party's thinking.

Recently, they were discussing Chinese Democracy. Now before you think it was an advert for the Guns and Roses album, it wasn't. They were actually discussing "proper democracy" because the party's having local and regional elections here.

Tian Wei, the presenter, acknowledged that China doesn't have democracy, at least as recognised in the west, and asked why. One of the respondents said that it didn't work in the 1920s and 1930s, so while they're making progress, it's good to take it slow.

In response, I wanted to yell "Why was it they didn't work?" and "Didn't the party have something to do with the problems with democracy?" but guess what, no one (and I mean absolutely no one) asked it. That's why I say that CCTV slants the news and isn't proper news as you know it in the west.
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