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Ok, so I don't get this...

Ok, so I don't get this... I like to keep up on American politics, even though I don't live there any more. I'm a slightly libertarian Democrat (if that's possible), but worked had locally for John Kerry, John Edwards (in the primaries), and Barak Obama in presidential elections, and local Democrats in Texas state elections.

I'll be honest, I didn't think Obama had much of a chance to get elected when I first saw him. I suspected that the South wasn't ready for a black president, and when he ran on the whole "Change We Can Belive In," "Yes we Can" thing, I thought he was setting the bar way too high.

Having watched him since, he's doing just fine, but unemployment is still at 9%, he's pissed a bunch of people off over health care, he's running up the debt (which is something I HATE HATE HATE), and a lot of people are saying the economy "could do better."

So what's happening with the Republicans? Newt Gingrich is loosing staff left and right (and isn't he a busted flush anyway over the whole Lewinsky thing -no one came out of that smelling fruity), Michelle Backmann or Sarah Palin (I mean pulease), Tim Pawlenty (a man who could only win re-election as governor of his HOME STATE by 1%)), Mitt Romney (Mr. Massachussets flipflopper), or Jon Hunstman (an Obama apointee). Isn't that a motley bunch?
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