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I went to see "Man of the Year"

Blah. I'm still irritated about that job thing. I don't I'd have minded not getting interviewed as much if they hadn't said "you don't meet our criteria for the job" when I've been doing what they're interested in for the last 4 years.

When I'm told now that I don't meet the criteria, I'm inclined to think they mean I'm not "American enough," which means that I'm pretty much screwed because I'm proud of being English.

On an unrelated note, I went to see the film "Man of the Year," with Robin Williams, today. It shows what might happen when a Jon Stewart like character makes a run for the presidency. I think it was meaning to be a dig at the political process in the US at the end of the century, but it wasn't because it was more cringe worthy than funny in places. This made the film more "worthy" than anything else and, to me, there's something about saying something is "worthy" that makes me think we're "damning it with faint praise."
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