jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I went to see "Rise of the Planet of the Ape" today.

I went to see "Rise of the Planet of the Ape" today, and it wasn't bad film. For those of you who saw the original seriea, it helps explain how the Apes became the dominant primate, why they had a thing for weird clothes, and why they spoke English, while hinting at why humans became so damn stupid.

It stars James Franco as a neuroscientist working on how to halt Alzheimers (he naturally tests his drug on monkies first), only to find out what happens when corporate America gets their hands on his super drug.

It's not a bad film. The special effects are very good, it's just I'm not sure who we're supposed to cheer for, the apes, who'll eventually turn us into slaves, Franco, who allowed us to be turned that way, or humans, whose treatment of the apes was so poor that they eventually want to subjugate us. Either way, it wasn't a wholely satisfactory ending to the film.
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