jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I went to see "Friends with Benefits"

I went to see "Friends with Benefits" today. It stars Mila Kunis (as a head hunter) and Justin Timberlake (as a magazine executive) as a couple who work out that having a buddy on tap for bonking is never going to work in the long term.

It's the same damn film as No Strings Attached, which starred Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher folks. The jobs they have are different but the storylines are so similar that it isn't worth going to see "Friends" if you've seen the Portman film (unless you have a thing for either Timberlake or Kunis).

Incidentally, I've never been a great fan of Ashton Kutcher (I've sort of seen him as sort of man candy since That 70s Show), but compared to Timberlake he's Lawrence Olivier.
Tags: film, film review, review

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