jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Well I'm Back In China.......

Well I'm back in China, and this year I'm actually being paid for some of the stuff I'm actually being asked to push for (like maybe we'll be allowed in a lab to do something called... wait for it... a practical).

It's funny how quickly you forget some stuff when you're away from the place, so here's my potted highlights of what I've been missing.

1) Spitting. Happens everywhere. Men, women and children are hoicking up phlegm left and right.

2) Public Urination. Been here just over a week and have seen 2 people having a "public tinkle."

3) Squat and drop Toilets. I don't care what anyone says, I'll never get used to squatting over a toilet bowl plumbed into the floor, and so will never use it. On that subject, a (60 year old) colleague was followed into some public loos by 3 elderly ladies to see if a westerner was any different when they relieve themselves she thinks (no doors on dem der loos). She ended up with performance anxiety and couldn't show them.

4) Crazy Chinese drivers. I was tooted earlier today because I was walking too slowly on the pavement (sidewalk for you Americans). It turns out the guy wanted to beat a traffic hold up.

5) Littering. I'm not that tidy, but I can't ever think of a time when I would throw fries/chips all over the pavement/sidewalk outside where I worked. I saw that happen not once, but twice since I got back.

6) No helmets. No one, absolutely no one seems, to wear a helmet when riding a bike (of any description) in China. I don't care if you're the driver. If you want to be stupid, be stupid. But to let kids not wear them is beyond explanation.
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