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Hong Kong

One of the good things about where I work is the fact they give us a holiday in October for National Day. It's a celebration of the fact they booted the Japanese out after they'd been "raping and pillaging" for a decade and a bit.

It's unrealistic to try and get back to the UK or US during 7 days off, so went to Hong Kong, somewhere a little more western than where I live in Zhenhai, and gosh darn it if Hong Kong isn't really depressing. The place Hong Kong really reminds me of is New York, but not the New York we know and love. When we went to New York first, it was like an adrenalin rush. Now, that rush was reduced every time I visited the place, probably because I got used to it some, but I suspect it was still there.

In comparison, part of me suspects that Hong Kong is more crack addict that adrenalin junkie. You hear all these horror stories of how seemingly nice people lost all their stuff and ended up pimping themselves out on the street after getting into crack. Hong Kong (to me) feels like how New York might be if someone had introduced it to crack. All the culture is gone. All the style is gone, and it's reduced to selling the furniture and pawning the suits to cover the costs of a $500 a day crack habit.

In short, I'm not convinced by the place.
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