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School Sports Day

One of the weirder things about China is the "forced enjoyment" thing. There's a sort of expectation that your time is their (i.e. the boss's) time and that it'll be either covertly, or overtly stated that you'll do what they say, and by damn you'll like it.

One of the weirder things they have is a staff sports day here. Quiet why they have it is beyond me. I mean who wants to see some "large" teachers make a fool of themselves. I mean if there were kids there doing that sort of thing is important (I'm a big believer in not taking myself too seriously), but is there any other reason to do it? They aren't employing me for jumping skills are they?

Anyhow we were told to get there in the afternoon, and I'm still unclear as to why. Maybe the staff don't like the foreign teachers. Consequently, everyone else seemed to have gone. They had me and one other guy run, yet they had 20 to 25 times across the various age brackets. I mean hello? What's all that about. It's either hideously disorganised, or they.... nope, can't come up with anything.

While I'm at it, they can't organise the kids sports days for shoot either. Who has 2 and a bit days of sports that finishes at 10:30am on a Friday? With a bit more thought, it could have been done in 2 days, and who knows, we could have had an extra day teaching. Wouldn't that be cool?
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