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Do you ever feel like yelling "Don't be a fool." at some people?

Recently they set up a "Foreign Experts Club" in Zhenhai, and being a local notable (in so much as I'm the only HoD currently "in country" in the only foreign school in the area) I got invited to attend.

Having gone, it was what I expected. It was a lot of people saying "We're the dogs doodah for setting this up, and the Chinese are fricking marvellous for letting us do it."

Anyhow, they had a formal "sit down dinner" after the inauguration to celebrate the opening and I was placed between the head of the "Party's HR department" (the guy who oversees the placement of foreigners in jobs in the district -without him we'd all be on the first plane home) and the guy (another party functionary) who facilitates the smooth running of the school (in terms of dealing with the fact that we're a bunch of foreigners who are on his case to do things differently).

Now I've had a huge number of run-ins with the school facilitator. They largely focus on the fact that I ask to do something, him says no (cue for row number 1), me doing it anyway, him finding out and asking why, and me asking "It worked so what's the problem?" (cuing row number 2).

Anyway, during the inauguration and dinner, the facilitator was visible shaking whenever I talked to the HR guy, and "running interference" between us. Eventually, I asked him what the problem was, to which he said he was nervous about the dinner (which suggested -given how he said it- that he was nervous about what I'd say to the HR guy). If he was, I'm inclined to say "Don't be a fool, how much of an arse do you think I am?"

I mean I believe it's my job to fight my corner, but there's a difference between that and being shitty about a guy to his boss.
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