jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Ok, so some people are strange.

We have had exam week at school this week. This involves the students sitting semi-formal exams, with the teachers as invigilators.

A kid I teach came to see me today to talk to me about the exam he'd just sat. His problem (and he's just got 76%, so it wasn't a big problem) was that the exams are "really tight" on how you phrase the answers. If you phrase it wrong, or in a way that could be misinterpreted, you get marked down. That's how he lost 7 or 8% or so.

Anyway, I'd leant a textbook to a colleague. She's a biologist on a teaching load that's way too low, so I asked her to teach the chemistry bits that relate to DNA, proteins and drug Chemistry. She had the textbook so she knew what to cover.

While I was talking to the student, I asked for my textbook back so that I could show him an example of what I meant. Now I know the school gave it to me to use, and so technically it's the schools book, but can someone please explain to me why anyone would think it's appropriate to turn round and say "I don't have your book, it's the school's book"? I mean, for God's sake.
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