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I went to see "Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol"

I love going to see films, but a lot of the films I've seen recently seem pretty generic. The Sherlock Holmes film I saw yesterday was pretty standard stuff, with many scenes being interchangeable with the first film in the Sherlock Holmes franchise.

This film is the same. In this case, a Russian scientist has stolen the launch codes for their nuclear missiles, and a laptop that will enable him to launch them. Only Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) can save the day.

Once it's all set up, it's pretty much exactly the same as the 3 previous films, except that they've replaced Ving Rhames with Simon Pegg as the computer guy (which is more believable if you think about it -whenever I think of Rhames, I can't help but think of Pulp Fiction).

It's not a bad film, it's just if you seen one Mission: Impossible film, you've seen all the Mission: Impossible films
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