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I went to see "Contraband" today.

I went to see the Mark Wahlberg, Kate Bekinsale film "Contraband" today. In it Wahlberg plays a former smuggler (he brought funny money and cars in from Mexico and Panama) who's gone straight. He gets pulled back into the life when Bekinsale's idiot younger brother gets into trouble trying to do the same things that Wahlberg used to do.

In response Wahlberg has to go back over to Panama to run the con he's always run. While there, he runs into a spot of bother when it looks like the idiot brother has done a runner (as idiot brothers are want to do in these things), before he manages to save the day (it is Mark Wahlberg after all).

It isn't a bad film, it's just a little messy in places. It's like a good story that hasn't quite been thought through properly.
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