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I went to see "Babel"

I went to see the film "Babel" this evening. The strangest thing I came across with respect to this film (before I went to see it) was the title. In England it would be pronounced Bay-Bell, but television ads seem to be pronouncing it Babble.

This might be a bit apt given that the film is about the misunderstandings that can come about through language differences but in England it's the Tower of Bay-Bell so quite frankly I don't know what to think.

The film wasn't too bad, but it was a little predictable if I'm honest. I'm an Englishman in America and I have difficulty making myself understood here sometimes so a film about those difficulties might have been a little unimaginative to me.

In addition, the film dragged a little and the director tried to play with the sequencing of events (in a way that didn't work), so all in all I'm not over impressed.

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