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I was deeply insulted at work today (I think)....

I was deeply insulted at work today (I think) when I was accused of being an American style Republican by a work colleague today.

Being honest I've always been a social libertarian. It's none of my damn business what you get up to at home, so long as it doesn't damage kids or spook the animals (and doesn't result in me having to clean up your damn mess when your do-do hits the fan).

I am more cautious economically, however. Look at the various louse-ups we've had since 2000 (i.e. everything from Enron and WorldCom (remember those?) to the banking crisis) and tell me that that wasn't due to lax Government regulation.

Does that make me a regular Republican? God I hope not. I really can't stand the faux religious BS that they come up with, so I'm definitely not one of those Republicans. Before anyone has a go, Mitt Romney's a liberal, and there's NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. He's a Republican from the north. I'll let you into a little secret, these sorts of Republicans can be almost normal (even if he is a Mormon).

If I'm anywhere near Republicanism, I'm probably somewhere between a Barry Goldwater/Ron Paul libertarian, and a Theodore Roosevelt hold back the excesses of business type, and that thought scares me.
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