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One of the things I've had difficulty with this year....

Is my boss. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, plus he gave me a promotion, so I should be grateful, but there are times when I could willingly beat him with a stick.

He made me Head of Science a year ago, which pleases me, but I don't think he actually wants me to do anything. He sure as heck doesn't want me to do anything on my own initiative. As an example, he won't let me give anything more than a "stern warning to" students, even if a detention or a letter home is merited. Consequently undone homeworks, skipped classes, and smart alec comments (made by kids), don't get punished.

In addition, like any profession, there are always going to be some teachers who a weaker than others. One has been identified in my department. He wants me to "support this teacher," but won't let me observe this guy teach, or sit in on meeting where this teacher's progress is discussed. How precisely do I support a teacher when I can't say "That would have worked better if....."

I give up, sometimes, I really do. Today was a day I almost quit. A student has arranged an external English test on the day that he's supposed to be doing a Science exam. I wanted to write a letter home, saying that were was no point him doing the test again (he's already got a good grade in the subject), and that his head wouldn't be in the right place for his Science exams, only to be told it wasn't my place to do things like that.

I'm sorry, but what precisely is my point here? The pay bump was good, but is there any point me doing anything, if I'm not allowed to actually do anything. My boss seems so suspicious of me at the moment, that he told me during our most recent meeting that I'm not allowed to write to head office directly. I'm to "forward any e-mails I want sent to [him]", and he'll "decide if they need to be sent.

So presently, I'm feeling blah.
Tags: job, life, work

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