jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I finished "The Impossible Dead" by Ian Rankin today

Oh good grief, is there ever a sillier book by Ian Rankin?

This book is about Malcolm Fox, who gets drawn into a murder investigation while he investigates the friends and colleagues of a policeman who's been recently convicted of abusing his position (the victim was the person who made the original complaint against the cop).

Once involved in the investigation, he gets drawn into investigating "extreme Scottish nationalists" (i.e. terrorists who want independence for Scotland). That's where the story lost me. My impression of these terrorists is that they're sad old muppets who really couldn't do the whole terrorism thing right, and yet they're presented here as something akin to the IRA or INLA in Ireland.

If you can get your head round the idea of fundamentalist Sottish terrorists as a realistic idea, you might like this book. Otherwise, you won't so much.
Tags: book, book review, review

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