jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Do you ever feel just blah sometimes?

I ask because I've been doing some revision sessions with the four kids who are mostly likely to fail their iGCSE Chemistry, and I've got this one kid who just isn't trying.

Don't get me wrong, the 3 others who come aren't perfect. There's a reason why they're the bottom 4 kids in my class after all, but I get a sense off the others that they're trying. Anything higher than a C would be a fricking miracle, but the questions they're getting stuck on aren't the first 2 easy questions on the flipping paper. On a 6 question paper, they start to struggle on question 4 or 5, which means they're gaining most of the marks before that.

What gets on my nerves though is the sense that the kid isn't trying, and acting as it's some how my fault. I feel like yelling at him that the 3 other kids are less able than he is. That their English is worse, and yet I don't get this expectation that all the work has to come from me, and none from them.

There's nothing that gets on my nerves more than someone displaying a "sense of entitlement" (you're entitled to nothing in life), and this kid is displaying that in spades.
Tags: everything, life, students, teaching, universe

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