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It feels strange on foreign holidays

I don't know about anyone else, but when I was teaching, I think my brain got trained to think in certain ways. I still break things down into hour long chunks and, I never spend too long doing one thing.

I also tended to think in terms of when holidays should be too. So coming here and having holidays in "all the wrong places" is a little odd. In addition, with this being thanksgiving, I can see why the Americans celebrate it, but I'm not sure how much "good taste" it's in. As I understand it, it was a way of giving thanks to the Native Americans initially for keeping the Pilgrim Fathers alive after the first winter.

If that is at least part of why it's still celebrated here, I'm not sure how much good taste it's in. If it's giving thanks to the Lord for a bountiful harvest, what ever happened to church and state? If it's about being thankful for family, why bring up the founding fathers at all (oh and also does that mean we done have to be thankful the other 364 days for the year)?
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