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Ummm so ok, what do you want me to do?

It shouldn't come as any surprise that you really can't get some Western foods in China. I mean it. We're 6000 miles form the UK and we can't buy baked beans. Shocking isn't it?

Recognising that there's a market developing for stuff we buy in the west, there are more western companies opening up in the big cities. The problem is that as we're 45mins drive from the centre of town, it becomes a bit of a pain to go in.

When I moved here 2 years ago, we started doing a monthly trip to a cheap German Cash-And-Carry called Metro, where we can buy our Western goodies. The staff enjoy it more than the Principal does I think (he's a 60-something year old guy who's used to his wife doing the shopping I suspect), so as someone who can tell him what the staff think (without him going nuts), it's usually me who gets asked to remind him when it's time to go (usually the weekend after pay day).

Anyhow, with the GaoKao on, we haven't been able to go this weekend. I'm not entirely sure why, but we can't. Sorry about that but we can't. So I text people to let them know it isn't on. As soon as it was sent, I get a text back, asking what we were going to do now? Any idea want he wants me to do?

It not like we haven't got shops here, we just can't get Western stuff.
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