jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Sometimes you forget how much you stand out here

I say that sometimes you forget how much you stand out here because, well, it's not the first thing you think of when you're going about your day. I mean I know I'm English, and you can't forget that I'm "not in Kansas any more" but it's not like you're really focusing on the fact you're a rarity in the city you live in.

Zhenhai has a population of about 250,000(ish) but there are very few foreigners here. When the local government set up the "foreign experts club" (for the foreigners allowed to work in the city) there were 50 members or so members, tops.

I say all this because I went for a walk along the sea wall today, and had my photo taken 5 times. Now I wish it was because of my Adonis like appearance, or my sparkling intellect, but I bet it was just because I was foreign.
Tags: difference, life

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