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Why are some people flat out moaners?

I ask because I work with someone who has 20-some odd years teaching (and so presumably knows how life works), yet always seems to need someone or something to bitch about.

Don't get me wrong, he knows his content, but he always seems to be sniping about one thing or another. As an example, he's always moaning about the boss. Don't get me wrong, our boss sometimes needs to be moaned about, but not on the scale that this guy moans. If our boss has a dig, it's usually deserved and I usually catch myself saying "Jeepers.... just think about what the boss is saying" later to this guy.

The thing he's been griping bout at the moment is having to pay (as a member of staff) to go to our Senior Prom. To a degree I can see why he's moaning, but if we shifted the burden from us to them, the students would be looking at paying 25% more, and I don't think that's fair.

The other thing that bugs me about this particular gripe is that we'll probably have some money left over after everything's paid for. Now in our staff, we have a Chinese teacher who's earning 1/3 of what the Western teachers earn. I'll repeat that for those that missed it the first time. In our staff, we have a Chinese teacher who's earning 1/3 of what the Western teachers earn. I feel that we should give some of the saved money to her. We all had to pay £25 (about $40), so for her it's like $120 she's paying to go to dinner with kids she's not taught for 2years. Yet this particular moaner is saying we split this part of the proceeds equally amongst all the staff.

Why? Can someone explain that to me?
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