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I went to see "Ted."

I went to see the Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kulis film "Ted." That has to be just about the stupidest film I have ever seen. It's about a kid who wishes he had a best friend. The result was a bear magically came to life and became his best friend.

27 years later, and the kid's matured into an adult (Wahlberg), but the Ted (the bear who sounds like Peter Griffin -which isn't surprising given he's played by Seth Macfarlane) is still with him, and they're still pot smoking, bawdy mouthed, bff. The problem is that Kunis is now his girlfriend, and is effectively telling him "Come on, you're best friends with a bear?"

The rest of the film focuses on who he'll pick, Kunis or a stuffed bear (with cameos by Ryan Reynolds, Norah Jones, Sam Jones, and Johny Carson along the way). It really is that irritating.
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