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I went to see "Savages"

I went to see "Savages" today, and by heck it irritated me. It's about a pot dealer who grows particularly potent pot, his "heavy," the space cadet girlfriend who dates them both, and their dealings with a Mexican drug cartel headed by Salma Hayak and Benicio del Torro (as her minded).

I found the story irritating because I found it unbelievable. The grower's reaction to the violence we see, seemed to be one of shock, but if he was selling the amounts the film claimed, he surely had to be more aware of it than he was. Equally the girl involved seemed capable of shifting between space cadet and "stater of potent insights" too easily, while the "heavy" seemed too willing a member of that particular love triangle (for someone who's willing to kill people at a moment's notice).

I read somewhere that the film can be viewed as a sort parable relating to "big business vs. entrepreneurship." Perhaps if you view it in that light, you might enjoy the film. If you can't, odds are you won't.
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