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I went to see "Stranger than Fiction"

I went to see the Will Ferrell (sp?), Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman movie Stranger than fiction this evening. This actually wasn't all that bad, being about a writer (Thompson) who starts writing a character (Ferrell) who actually turns out to be alive (and able to hear what she's writing in his head). When she starts writing about his imminent demise, Ferrell, unsurprisingly, feels moved to contact her to save his life.

Don't get me wrong, however, the film isn't perfect. There's one section where the Ferrell character becomes so "dorkily bookish" that he started to really irritate me (no one is that bad, trust me). In addition, Will Ferrell's love interest is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. During the movie, I assumed there was a big age gap between the two and that always sort of strikes me as peculiar in films (surely they can find women who are closer to the guys age).

As it turns out, the age gap was only 10yrs (Ferrell isn't yet 40 and Gyllenhaal is almost 30 according to imdb. I assumed he was older and she was younger), but to me big age gaps seem odd to me (no offense is meant to anyone who's involved in such a relationship, but I can't help but do a mental 'double take').
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