jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Well I'm back in China.....

This time last year, it was funny, I'd gone on holiday, and somehow managed to forget all the eccentricities that the people demonstrate (and yet don't notice, because they're common), when I returned.

Inside 18 hours of return this year, I've managed too see all the more obvious weirdness that made me laugh. It started with violent public spitting. Waiting to get off the plane (yes, on the damn plane), a ladylike woman picked up a cup, and stood gobbing voluminously into it, holding people up.

This morning I managed to see 3 guys wandering round with the body of the tee-shirt they were wearing hiked up under their shoulders, which I could understand if they were buff, but one guy was more of a lardo than I am. In addition, I saw 2 more guy urinating openly against a wall. So yes, I'm definitely back in China.
Tags: a different way of thinking, life

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