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You're never too old for Shability!

One of the things I love (and hate) about China is the "Chinglish" they use. For the uninitiated Chinglish is the cruddy English that the Chinese attempt to use. Among my favourites are "Not live in 100yrs of school, live in closest place," "New building 7 elevator story spacious views Zhenhai," "Live city mind healthy," and now "You're never too old for Shability!"

I've asked a lot of people what the last one means, and no one knows. It wouldn't bother me that the Chinese murder English, but when the Chinese ask me where I live in China, and I say Ningbo (a city of 5 million), they look at me blankly because it's pronounced Ningbow-a. That probably means I should pronounce it Ningbow-a, but when I do, I still get blank stares, and that irritates me, but remember you're never too old for Shalibity!
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