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I went to see "Headhunter"

I went to see "Headhunter" and it was rather good. It's a Norwegian film about an insecure headhunter who feels he's married above himself (i.e. he's married a tall, blond, leggy, Scandinavian who men stereotypically want to many). In an attempt to keep her he steels artwork, so that he can buy nice stuff for her.

Things start to go pear shaped when he attempts to steel an expensive painting from a client he is trying to place in a job. The break in goes mostly to plan, but soon after he realises that his client isn't too happy about the situation.

It's a really good film. The translations/sub-titles can seem a bit random (at one stage someone says "I charge more for tractor drivers") but overall it's a good film.
Tags: film, film review, review

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