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I went to see "Taken 2"

I went to see the Liam Neeson film "Taken 2" today. In the first film Neeson, a former CIA agent, saves his daughter from the Turkish-Albanian mob who plan to sell her to the highest bidder. In the process of saving her Neeson kills 8 Turks, and they vow revenge in response to it. That is where this film picks up.

Neeson take his ex-wife (Famke Jansen, who has to be the most successful Bond girl by some way now), and daughter on a holiday to Turkey (which is really dumb if you think about it, Neeson's killed 8 Turks after all) there the Turkish-Albanian mob try to take his family before Neeson fights back.

It's not bad as films go. There's one obvious mistake about the holiday a daughter plans to take ("Spring Break" became "Autumn Break") but if you want brainless fun, this isn't bad.
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